How to create ODBC connection for SQL/MX in HP NonStop?

How to create ODBC connection?

As we all know ODBC stands for “Open Database Connectivity“. We have to follow few easy steps to create ODCB connection. I will show you how to create “HP NonStop SQL/MX” Connection in this page.

  1. From Windows start got to control panel. control-panel
  2. Go to Administrative Tools Applicationadmin-tool
  3. Select correct ODBC Data Source (32-bit / 64-bit) as preferred adbc-app
  4. From “Create New Data Source” window select the correct driver you need and click finish driver-selection
  5. You will get a set up for Create New NonStop(TM) ODBC/MXodbc-name
  6. Give a Proper Data source Name and Click Next.
  7. Set the Database IP and Port Details. db-ip-settings
  8. Change SQL Fraction Precision value to “9”.
  9. Set the Catalog name and Schema name. catalog-schema-and-auto-commit
  10. SQLMX need to commit after every query run, For this change Auto commit drop down selection to ON.
  11. In Localization and Translate DLL leave the default values as it is. dll-details
  12. In Tracing Set the proper location for the Log Filelog-path
  13. Finally Test the connectiontest-connection

Feel free to comment if you have any doubt or clarification  

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