How we use Chef automation without Root

Chef is a popular open source development tool with great features. But it is also designed to be run using a root user by default. Running as root makes the chef process invincible and the […]

Using ODBC/MX64 Driver (SQL/MX) in HP NonStop

Using ODBC/MX64 Driver (SQL/MX) in HP NonStop Difference using this driver is, User have to decode the output and get the proper answer from the output. If we print the output to in CMD it will […]

How to create ODBC connection for SQL/MX in HP NonStop?

How to create ODBC connection? As we all know ODBC stands for “Open Database Connectivity“. We have to follow few easy steps to create ODCB connection. I will show you how to create “HP NonStop SQL/MX” […]

Advantages of using ODBC/MX64 3.4 Uni-coded Driver (SQL/MX) in HP NonStop

Advantages of using ODBC/MX64 3.4 Uni-coded Driver (SQL/MX) in HP NonStop Difference using this driver is, this will do all the Uni-cording part and return the proper output to the user.Example code is as bellow, Returning […]

NonStop Application Server for Java (NSASJ )

NSASJ is a application server for HP Nonstop platform. The architecture of JBoss is modified and re-engineered to transform it to NSASJ and enable it to work along with various NonStop technologies to exhibit and […]