3D Security for Card Payments

3D Security for Card Payments   We use our Credit or Debit card for making payments almost every day. But most of us are unaware of the consequences which can happen if we loose our […]

Low latency/High performance Logging

Asynchronous Vs Synchronous Synchronous way: It waits for each operation to complete, after that only it executes the next operation. For your query: The console.log() command will not be executed until & unless the query […]

Building Quality into Process

Building Quality into Process Quality is something that most of the people discuss around the world. As customers consider ‘Quality Products’ or ‘Quality Services’ as a requirement, many are willing to pay a premium price […]

How we use Chef automation without Root

Chef is a popular open source development tool with great features. But it is also designed to be run using a root user by default. Running as root makes the chef process invincible and the […]

Stored Procedures in SQL/MX

How Stored Procedure work in SQL/MX ? In SQL/MX stored procedures are called as SPJ.Stands for Stored Procedures Java.The reason is SQL/MX supports stored procedures written in JAVA programming language. What is SPJ ? A […]